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Compex Fit Muscle Stimulator

The Compex Fit fits easily into a travel bag! With its small size and carrying case.

Perfectly controlled pulse for comfortable and effective stimulation. The Compex Fit meets all the goals for those who want a toned body and well-designed muscles.

In coach mode, you have the choice of the following 6 programs targeted at sensitive areas of women:

STRENGTHENING YOUR THUGS: Will impose progressively increasing activity on muscles, allowing you to restore and/or maintain a muscle tone that can improve the firmness of the thighs and enhance their appearance.

Refine your waist: imposes appropriate and progressive stimulation of the muscles of the abdominal belt, allowing you to regain a slim waist and firm stomach.

Galvanize your buttocks: work the buttocks by imposing a specific activity that improves their firmness and gives the buttocks a curved and curved look.

TONIZE YOUR ARMS – Provides progressive stimulation of arm muscles, able to restore a quality muscle tone, especially at triceps.

Muscle Your Shoulders: Target high intensity work on deltoid muscles to achieve a visible and harmonious increase in muscle volume of the shoulder.

Optimising anti-cellulite action: can strengthen the action of local skin treatments by creating electrical stress and vasodilation in the amas of fat cells or cellulite.

Set contents:
1 x stimulator
4 white cables with snap connection
4 large and 8 small electrodes
1 x slow charger (10h)
1 x Belt Clip
1 x User Manual
1 x Quick Guide
1 x Carrying Case

2-year warranty

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