1.NEW DESIGN: MILcea Mandolin Slicer Build in Rotating Adjustable Blades, adjust the button on the side, you will get perfectly flat slices from 1 to 9 mm and 4.5-10 mm julienne. With our vegetable cutter, we’re here to get you out of it! This will be your secret kitchen tool to help you cook like a pro, even if you aren’t one.

2.VEGETABLE SLICER: Great kitchen tool, Just turn and set the SWITCH, perfect to Slice&Cut apples, onions, carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers, cabbages, beetroots, turnips, rutabagas, radishes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squashes, and more. Save time and make cooking faster and safe.

3.QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL: German engineered 5 ultra-sharp stainless steel blades, 100% BPA-free food grade ABS super mandolin slicer Provides a fun and unique way to take ordinary vegetables and fruits and make them into exciting Slice and Julienne. Dramatically reduces preparation and cooking time with our vegetable slicer.

4.SAFE & EASY TO USE: With MILcea New Generation mandolin slicer, you don't have to changes the blades again and again. Adjustable knob makes changing between cuts easy and safe. When you are slicing, the hand holder will protect your hands from touching the blades. And we add FREE cut-resistant GlOVES with the stainless steel mandoline to double protect your safe.

5.LIFETIME GUARANTEE : At MILcea, Customer service is very important to us. If you have any questions regarding our Mandoline Slicer, please let us know so we will resolve all your concerns and reach an amicable solution


You will Never Want to Miss These Practical Kitchen Helpers!

The MILcea Vegetable Slicer offers numerous opportunities for creative chefs who value a healthy diet.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away "- an old English proverb does not really spare a doctor's visit, but a certain spark of truth is really behind it.

A healthy diet is based on freshly processed ingredients that have not been prepared industrially or mechanically. This is the only way to keep vitamins and minerals, but also the delicious aromas in their fullness. Fresh salads, crisp vegetable side dishes or soups succeed effortlessly with our vegetable cutter. Because it makes the preparation of cucumbers, radishes, carrots, leeks, onions or other ingredients fun: cutting into fine or even wafer thin slices goes smoothly and quickly.

Health is not easy to buy, health is like much worth living for, hard work. That we want to help our customers to facilitate this work. The foundation of good health is laid with a varied diet. With our kitchen helpers, you can cook a variety of dishes in no time at all, so there's no time for boredom in the kitchen.

Fashion Appearance of this innovative kitchen helper also make you want to spoil yourself with fresh ingredients. With its fresh green and its ergonomically perfect lines, it convinces anyone who literally wants to conjure crisp salads, delicious soups or varied vegetable side dishes on the table in no time at all

It cuts slices into thin, medium and thick slices, making it the ideal craft for every professional chef. You can also turn the knob to make pens and cubes of vegetables and fruits. You will appreciate delicious casseroles, salads or various stir-fries and will enjoy preparing your food.


Save Your Cooking Time!

The vegetable slicer can be adjusted to different cutting strengths.With the MILcea 3-in-1 vegetable slicer, you can cut thin cucumber slices for a healthy salad, but also slightly thicker potato slices for a delicious potato gratin and others. Our vegetable slicer can work on vegetables such as carrots, celery, parsnip or kohlrabi, but also cheese or chocolate can be rubbed and made into fine julienne strips e.g. to process for raw food salads.


Thin from 1mm to 9mm !

It can slice into thin, medium and thick slices, which makes it the ideal craft for professional cookers and chefs. You can also turn the knob to make pens and cubes of vegetables and fruits. You will appreciate delicious casseroles, salads or various stir-fries and will enjoy preparing your food. There are no limits to cooking.


Easy To Clean!

MILcea heps you prepare the ingredients for your healthy meals quickly. Whether healthy casseroles, soups, gratins, salads or other dishes - the MILcea Slicer prepares quickly and reliably. And also it can be easily cleaned by holding it under running water.

Cut Resistant Gloves!

Your trustworthy kitchen assistant, protecting your hands from injury while cutting and slicing with cut resistant gloves. The gloves could help you to handle grater, knives, and mandoline with high protection and good dexterity, without worrying about hands injury. Made of food safe and highest cut resistant level material, the gloves are designed to protect your hands from blades cutting.

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Mandolin Slicer, MILcea Vegetable Slicer Mandoline Cutter Potato Onion Fruit Chopper Slicer Julienne Adjustable Blade from Paper-Thin to 9mm (Safety Gloves Included)

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